Family Trees and Genealogy Templates

by Kay on January 15, 2022

Wow! My website now has surpassed 400 printable family trees, ancestor charts and genealogy forms.

Since 2008, this site has been a resource for kids, families, and genealogy buffs alike. Each item is still free to download and print in PDF format. In most cases, an editable DOC (Microsoft Word) version is available for $4.

The newest family tree designs include full-color backgrounds exclusive to The illustrations include leafy green trees, bare branches, fall leaves, apple trees, pear trees, and flowering trees. There’s a black-and-white versions of each new design for those who prefer to color their own tree, or just save ink.

The new genealogy forms include: a family health record, an ancestor summary with room for a photo, a biography template, military history forms, and tools for organizing research by source or by ancestor. Plus, find a new ancestry chart with picture frame graphics and space to include for vital statistics. also has family trees especially for step-families, adoptive families and other special situations along with keepsake forms, decorative trees for weddings and family reunions, and trees for kids to use in school projects. I’ve even included a few trees for family pets.

The site has trees and charts for families of all sizes, and some have room as many as 12 generations. There are also hourglass, fan, bowtie, radial and circular family designs, plus a few poster-sized large family trees.

You can write on the free PDFs with pen and pencil. The premium designs can be typed and edited again and again.

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