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by Kay on November 1, 2022

I’ve added a bunch of new, distinctive planner pages to From functional academic year planners to fun holiday party and meal-trackers, there’s so much from which to choose! was launched in 2008 with a selection of basic planner refills to print. There are now more than 1,144 printables at the site, and as always, there are both free and premium versions of each item.

The newest additions include academic year planners with several months on each page. I’ve also added new new yearly planners themed for: school, gardening, travel, and home renovations, as well as editorial content for advertisers and publishers.

You’ll also find several new planners, guest lists and menu templates for parties and events. Each page features a distinctive, colorful header Birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s are all represented.

Of course, as it has since day one, has refill pages for traditional planners sized to fit Franklin Covey, Day-Timer, and Day Runner as well as sizes ranging from mini and pocket to desktop and executive.

You can also instantly download and print specialty journals, bullet journals, cute decorative planners, planner stickers, an author planner, a baby planner, and coordinated planner pages with floral or watercolor designs. The 5- and 10-year planners are designed for jotting down a few sentences on a specific date for years!

Each printable is free to print individually in PDF form to write on by hand. The premium DOC (Microsoft Word) version is $4 per design. Or, site users can purchase an entire collection of planner inserts in one size in one convenient download for $9.

There are even more organizational printables at,, and, which have to do lists, papers, and grocery lists. Another cool option is premium personal or business Planner Packs, each of which have 50 printables and cost $19 each.

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