Shopping Lists to Print for Holidays and Beyond

by kevin on December 2, 2022

If you’re shopping for gifts or meals, traveling for the holidays, or need to make a list, simply head to

There are two dozen new printable lists at the site, ranging from blank, lined grocery lists to packing and other specialty lists. There are 383 printables at the site, including menu planners, labels, substitutions lists, pantry lists, and more.

The newest specialty shopping lists include a checklist for building a delicious charcuterie board. You’ll also find a version of the classic “dirty dozen” produce list. also has grocery lists for foods commonly eaten on special diets.

The site’s popular Master Grocery List has dozens of items pre-filled with checkboxes next to each.

Along with detailed, illustrated lists, there are just-added simple blank shopping lists with three vertical, lined lists on each sheet to cut apart and use. The graphics include: a car, a cat, a dog, citrus fruit, a fish, and a U.S. flag. also has lists for shopping for donations, packing for trips or moving, and more. The newest additions include lists for: back to school shopping, childbirth preparation, diaper bags, and packing for a college dorm. There’s also a new list for shopping IKEA stores by aisle and item number.

The holiday lists now include a Halloween shopping list to complement the Thanksgiving, Hannukah, and Christmas lists already at the site.

Also new are a delivery and takeout tipping guide and a “large purchase” tipping guide. There is also a new tracker for comparing fuel prices at various gas stations. also has a coordinated coupon binder with a price guide and budgeting tools. There’s also an illustrated baking journal page with hole punch guides. It’s ideal for tracking bread and pastry baking times and other details.

Everything at the site is free to download and print in PDF or editable DOC format. Using Microsoft Word or another compatible program, you can type list or menu items onto the page before printing.

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