Free Contract and Agreement Templates

by Kay on January 24, 2023

There are dozens of of new printable contract templates at It’s free to download, customize, and print a wide variety of personal and professional agreements.

There are now nearly 600 sample contracts, warranties, and waivers at the site. Just pick one that’s close to your situation and type into it to adjust the wording. Be sure to consult an attorney if you need one!

The newest contract templates cover: debts, jobs, liabilities, rentals, roommates, and other issues. I’ve also added an agreement for making monthly payments.

The new employment agreements address working from home as well as remote work hours. Plus, there’s an agreement for group lottery ticket purchases.

The new roommate agreements address: shared dorm room belongings, pets, and overnight guests. The just-added rental contracts cover shared utility costs and security deposits. also has quite a few new liability releases. They cover: escape rooms, haunted houses, axe throwing, bounce houses, jump parks, mechanical bulls, paint ball, petting zoos, rock walls, water parks, and consumption of spicy foods.

You’ll also sample agreements for children and teens for casual use by schools and families. also has articles about different types of contracts along with tips on how to use the site’s templates as a jump start to customize your own agreements.

Each sample contract downloads instantly as an editable DOC file that can be opened and customized using Microsoft Word or another compatible program.

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