Resignation Letters to Customize for Free

by Kay on January 12, 2023

If you’re looking to step down from a job or other role, be sure to check out the free resignation letter templates at my site,

I’ve added even more sample resignation letters examples for all kinds of situations. Just pick a letter that’s close to what you need and adjust the wording as-needed. can help you find the right words to leave a volunteer position, a board of directors, freelance work, gig, or another role. Also new are letter templates for addressing voluntary demotions, salary counteroffers, and renewing contracts. Some of the letters include a reason for stepping down. Others are simple and to-the-point.

The new batch of letters includes templates for specific jobs or positions.

Also new are letters for situations such as resigning from a job after having returned to that job, or withdrawing a resignation after a counteroffer. There is also a short letter for announcing you’re leaving a social media platform.

Some resignation letters give a reason for resigning, such as: going to college, winning the lottery, inheriting money, or experiencing a natural disaster. There are templates specific to pregnancy, such as resigning to get better health coverage or due to a high-risk pregnancy.

The new education-related letters address abandoning a graduate thesis, resigning from an internship, or leaving an alumni association.

There are 20 new sample letters in all, bringing the total at to 337 templates. Each letter can be downloaded as a DOC (Microsoft Word) file, or just cut and paste the text directly from the site.

Most of the letters at are professional and positive, but there are a handful of negative letters for rare circumstances. also has several articles with tips on resignations and letter-writing. Be sure to consult an attorney if you need one!

Each letter at is free for your personal use.

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