New Printable Signs and Placards

by Kay on February 15, 2023

The newest of the nearly 4,500 signs at includes placards related to accessibility and safety. Each has a free version to instantly download and print.

The new additions to include bold, illustrated informational signs related to accessibility for people who benefit from assistive listening devices, audio descriptions, sign language interpreters, low-vision services, a telephone typewriter, or closed captioning. Some of the signs are a distinctive blue and white.

I’ve also added traffic signs, including bright yellow caution signs alerting motorists to deaf or visually impaired children at play.

Also new are several restriction signs dealing with leaving children unintended. You an also print an illustrated sign that reads: “Please do not sit here.”

Alert office slackers with a new sign related to ice cube tray refills. also has school signs, party signs, parking signs, sale signs, recycling signs, warning signs, and lots more.

Each sign is free in PDF form or $3.99 for a DOC version you can edit in Microsoft Word. The printables in the pandemic signs category are free in both formats.

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