Free Printables for Fourth of July

by Kay on June 28, 2023

Head to my websites for patriotic-themed activities, certificates, décor, and more for Independence Day.

There are Fourth of July coloring pages at, ready for your red, white and blue crayons. There’s an entire category for U.S. history.

Or, print illustrated Independence Day certificates from to honor service and patriotism or simply to recognize the holiday.

Plan a Fourth of July event with the help of free July Fourth banners from or flyers from It’s easy to share holiday recipes with the help of recipe cards from, and are the place to go for patriotic stationery, letterhead and page borders, whether you’re writing letters or making signs.

Business cards with flags and other patriotic illustrations can be printed at

Be sure to visit for printable versions of the founding documents of the United States, including the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.

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