Thanksgiving Lists, Activities, and More

by Kay on November 20, 2023

Need to plan Thanksgiving dinner, spread the word about an event, or just keep kids entertained during family time? My websites have hundreds of printables, each with a free option to save you money as well as time this holiday season.

From shopping lists and meal planners to gift tags and coloring pages, there are hundreds of fun and functional Thanksgiving printables. has Thanksgiving shopping lists and menu planners. You’ll find a Thanksgiving-themed event planner at, and there are several holiday to-do lists at Promote office or community events with fall and Thanksgiving flyers from is the place to go for business signs such as “Closed for Thanksgiving” along with “Happy Thanksgiving.”
Color family scenes, cornucopias, turkeys, and more with the Thanksgiving coloring pages from has more coloring pages as well as games, signs, mazes, fun facts, and greeting cards.

There are Thanksgiving letterhead designs at and stationery and borders at and

The illustrated recipe cards from are great for sharing family favorites. And has Thanksgiving-themed gift tags. has a wide selection of family trees. You can also head to and download commemorative holiday certificates. For all your holiday faxing needs, check out the Thanksgiving fax cover sheet at

Or, save even more time and instantly download the Thanksgiving Pack, which contains 50 specially curated printables for just $12.

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