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by Kay on November 1, 2012

I love my dog, Louie, but I had no idea that some people liked certain kinds of canines so much! After getting a number of requests for stationery with different breeds of dogs, I have put up 25 new stationery templates. Most of them feature pooches, but I also have new letterhead featuring instruments for those who are more musically inclined. Users who like dogs and music are in for a real treat!

I think the new dog stationery is great for all dog owners, breeders, and pet stores. A large number of breeds that range from dachshunds to boxers to afghan hounds are represented on warm backgrounds. The pictures of the dogs are detailed and realistic rather than being cartoony.

Dog stationery

The music stationery has a bit more jazz to it, which I think suits the category well. Performers, artists, and anyone who loves music can get behind the fun illustrations of trumpets, harps, and saxophones on the instrument stationery.

All stationery at is available as a DOC file and is free to download, customize in Microsoft Word, and print.

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