New Printable Flash Cards

by Kay on November 6, 2012

Teachers are among the many people who have emailed to tell me how much they enjoy and appreciate, my site that allows users to make their own flash cards and share them with each other.

The new flash cards are not easily summarized or categorized, because they offer such a wide variety of information. The 15 flash cards in the new batch include: questions about Albert Einstein, medical prefixes, army ranks, and computer vocabulary.

Printable Flash Cards

The diverse and informative collection at consists of 148 cards, with more being added all the time. They’re all free to print as PDFs, and they download instantly. Most of them are user-generated, and I encourage others to be forthcoming with their interests, study material and general knowledge as well. People who want to share can make and submit their own flash cards with my flash card maker. Or, just generate them for your personal use.

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