Christmas Printables Roundup

by Kay on December 18, 2012

The holiday season can go by quickly if you’re not ready for it. I think that if there’s one thing that takes up more time than anything else, it’s shopping. Shopping for gift wrap, food, decorations and trees are all important parts of the holidays. However, my goal is to help people out by making everything else from recipe cards to gift tags to Santa letters to stationery available for free from a home computer. There are a lot of printables to choose from, and all of them are designed specifically for the Christmas season. is the hub of Christmas fun. The main idea is to help parents address Christmas concern, disbelief and inquiry with letters from Santa, Mrs. Claus and the elves. The site also features matching and memory games, greeting cards and an Advent calendar with color pictures of religious icons and holiday figures.

A lot of people are sending out Christmas cards to update friends and family on their lives. I think there should be a wide range of choices for Christmas letter templates that reflects different needs. People who want a traditional, foldable card can go to and choose from the 40 Christmas cards decorated with nutcrackers, snowmen, wreaths and Christmas trees. Others might like the Christmas letterhead templates at These and the Christmas stationery desgins have beautiful backgrounds made up of snowy landscapes and watermarks made up of snowmen pictures.

Christmas coloring page

For people who want templates for party information or invitations, has 212 Christmas borders that have a white background surrounded by borders made up of colorful wreaths, ribbons and treats. Alternatively, has a number of party invitations that can be used for office parties and Christmas bashes.

My wife and I (but especially my wife) love to cook in the winter months, especially when it’s cold outside and we’re making something warm and tasty. Unfortunately, grocery stores can be a bit of a madhouse during the month of December. That’s partly why I have so many Christmas grocery lists and menu planners at It’s a good idea to know what you’ll be making and all the ingredients you’ll need before you leave the house, and these lists are a big help. Once you’ve gotten the ingredients, it can also be fun to spice up the cooking process with Christmas recipe cards from that depict delicious turkeys and festive characters.

If you’re looking for a fun way to reward or jokingly chastise your child or student’s behavior, the Christmas certificates at can be awarded to “Naughty” and “Nice” children. A “Lump of Coal” certificate even exists for the truly lost causes.

Children tend to be highly excitable during the holidays, so I’ve found that quiet activities do a lot to lower the energy levels in a home or classroom. Christmas dot-to-dot pages at have varying levels of difficulty for drawing Santa, penguins and Christmas bows, while has Christmas coloring pages of stockings, elves and reindeer.

Gift giving is the name of the game during December, so having a gift tag on hand can be crucial when making sure that presents get to the right recipients. For just such purposes, there are more than 50 printable gift tags at They come in a wide range of styles that are kiddy and cartoonish or formal and pretty.

gift tag

All of the printables are available for free as PDF or, in the case of coloring pages, PNG files. They can be easily downloaded and printed from a home computer, then written on with pen or pencil. Customizable DOC files cost a few dollars per printable, and can be typed into directly and edited from a word processor such as Microsoft Word. Stationery and letterhead is always free.

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