Printable 2013 Calendars

by Kay on December 24, 2012

Got your 2013 calendar yet? I know I’ll be dating checks “2012” for a good two months, at least for those few occasions when I do pay with check, but I always have my calendar up to date. Sometimes it feels impossible to keep up with family, work and travel without a calendar in every room. That’s why I have so many variations up at
2013 calendar
All of the traditional calendars are available for the organized individual. There are monthly calendars, yearly calendars with three months per page, year-on-one-page calendars and calendars with large dates or holidays written in red. Some are positioned vertically, others horizontally; some start on Sunday while others begin each week on Monday. Additionally, there are weekly calendars that can be used the same way as student planners, academic calendars for the school year, bookmark calendars, computer monitor calendars and calendars that are so small they fit in a wallet and can be carried with you wherever you go.

Each file can be downloaded and printed for free, either as a PDF template or a DOC file, which can be edited in a DOC-compatible word processor such as Microsoft Word.

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