Flash Cards and Word Searches

by Kay on January 24, 2013

With Winter Break over and a new semester in full swing, students of all ages are finding that one way to make sure that study material has really been learned is through repetition. Users of PrintableFlashCards.net must be thinking along the same lines, which is why there are a dozen new flash cards that show the diverse subjects people are interested in learning.

There are already 158 flash cards available at the site that range from math and science to music and language to early childhood education. I love to see the variety of cards that people make. In the new batch alone we have an overview of the world’s major belief systems alongside a list of the parts and functions of the cardiovascular system. There’s also Roman Gods, Multiples of Four, Subtraction Facts, and the Science Periodic Table.

The best part of PrintableFlashCards.net is that you can make your own flash cards using the free flash card maker. Write out questions and answers and print them with either four or six cards per page.
Flash Cards Flash Cards
I like to learn new things, but I prefer to make the process as fun as possible. That’s probably why user creations have led to more than 50 new word search puzzles at FreeWordSearch.net, because they combine new information with a challenging game. The new word searches cover everything from Parrots to Bullying to Church Articles to The Scarlet Letter. Overall, there are more than 880 to choose from.

Like the flash card maker, you can make your own word search with the free word search maker at FreeWordSearch.net. Just list the words you want included and choose a size and difficulty level to customize your own puzzle for classes, clubs or just good old fun and games!

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