Printable Paper Dolls

by Kay on January 21, 2013

I’ve noticed two things about little kids: they love coloring and they love the sorts of fairytales that get turned into animated movies. I figured it would be fun to combine these two interests, so now has some new additions in the form of 25 new paper dolls available in two completely new categories that cover fairytales and celebrities.

My kindergartner likes to color, and I think children should be encouraged to make their playthings unique and creative. That’s why all the princesses and their outfits in the fairytale paper dolls category can be printed with full-color illustrations or as colorable dolls. Some of the new paper dolls include: Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel and the Little Mermaid.

The famous people depicted in the celebrity paper dolls category are from various generations, and therefore fun for everyone. You can spot Bill Huxtable, The Terminator, Charlie’s Angels, The Sundance Kid and Rocky Balboa. All are featured in full color, with several outfits and even changeable hairstyles.
Paper Dolls Paper Dolls
There are a total of 145 paper dolls at They are all free to download as a PDF file, but if you’d like the convenience of an all-in-one download and a folder full of dolls you can print at any time, consider the entire paper doll collection, which is $9. Then, you’ll have an activity on-hand for your child, students, or customers (I find that business owners like setting out paper dolls just as they do coloring pages and dot-to-dot puzzles.) Don’t forget to laminate them or print them on cardstock in order to make them sturdy enough for extended use.

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