Printable Thank You Letters

by Kay on February 21, 2013

As anyone who’s been a child after a birthday party knows, it’s hard to write thank you letters. Mostly it can be difficult to know where to start. I’ve added 15 new thank you letter examples for contests, reviews, parties and coworkers to my site, And this time, I’ve included a few letters to jog kids’ minds as well.

Some of the letters can be used almost as-is. Simply replace the filler text with your own information and you can use these templates to thank someone for reviewing your establishment (and you can thank them for a good review or a bad review!) Similarly, the thank you note for entering a contest can be used for many situations with just a few amendments.

Some of the new thank you letters, though, cover personal and heartfelt subjects. Think of these more as a sample, or a place to begin, if you are looking for a way to thank adoptive parents, a birth mother, or an organ donor.

There are more than 140 thank you letters available at Some popular categories include thank you notes for birthdays, weddings, gifts, job interviews and baby showers. All of them are free to download and print as a customizable DOC file.

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