New Teachers Printables

by Kay on February 22, 2013

With the winter term well underway, I’ve added nearly 30 new classroom printables to

There are a lot of new worksheets that are great for math, music and geography. There are several number, counting and value charts that are partially filled in, as well as multiplication and addition exercises. I even introduced some printable rulers so that kids don’t have to find hunt one down, and a “Flat Stanley” that can be sent all around the world.
Additional miscellaneous forms include a music practice chart, a circular seating chart, a daily weather chart, a birthday calendar and different learning and supply checklists.
Overall, there are more than 350 teachers printables for substitutes, test forms, flash cards and sign language. Single-classroom licenses can be purchased for $27, while whole-school licenses cost $67. I like to make printables available on a budget, especially for teachers, and the entire collection is the best deal, because you get an additional 400 paper printables in addition to the teacher forms, all at once.

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