New Apology Letters

by Kay on March 12, 2013

It’s always hard to say you’re sorry, but it’s even harder for kids, who don’t always have the right words to say what they’re feeling. That’s why I have a new category of apology letters just for children at

The new apology letter samples give children an idea of how to express remorse for hitting, lying, disrespecting adults, and bullying other children. Use it as a launch point or as a teaching tool to help children empathize with others.
Unfortunately, children aren’t the only ones who make mistakes and need to apologize. That’s why some of the new 26 templates include apology letters from romantic partners for infidelity, from airlines for delayed flights, and from employees for drunkenness, missed appointments, work absences and cell phone use.

There are nearly 100 apology letter samples currently available at for general and personal reasons. Some of my other sites that are useful for similar issues include with 100 complaint letters, with 77 goodbye letters, and with 81 condolence letters.

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