Recipe Cards for Spring, Babies, and More

by Kay on March 26, 2013

Spring is in full swing, and it’s a season inundated with images of new life. So what better time to introduce new recipe cards at just for new births?

Many of the 30 new additions are baby recipe cards. These are great for new parents, baby showers and christening parties. They feature cartoon pictures of storks, bottles, blocks, pacifiers and teddy bears with umbrellas. There’s even one with little monsters, but they’re the cute kind. Each picture is available in blue or pink, depending on whether it’s a boy or girl.
The rest of the new batch features colorful patterns and pictures as well. There are some fruit templates with bananas and strawberries, a cute little cottage, floral designs and several pastel Easter baskets for the holiday. There are now several Easter recipe cards to choose from as well as cards illustrated for other holidays.

Overall, there are more than 245 different recipe cards to choose from. All of the recipe cards are available for free to download and print as a PDF that you can write upon in pen or pencil, while a premium, editable DOC version costs $7 and can be opened in Microsoft Word where you can type directly into it before printing. The recipe cards are available as 3×5, 4×6 and 8×10 templates. Whatever you choose, I recommend printing them on cardstock, or even laminating the cards for maximum durability.

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