New Free Printable Business Cards

by Kay on March 29, 2013

I’ve got 50 new printable business cards up at and once again it is a pretty big spectrum. From parties to skylines to various professions, this batch has something for everyone.
You can promote your party services with the new business cards featuring wedding bells, wine glasses, headphones, or hearts. There are also cards designed for specific careers such as Reiki practitioners, editors, accountants, carpenters, and drivers.

For people who want more abstract designs, there are pictures depicting a Celtic pattern, a green monster, the sun, a cat, a cathedral, several city skylines, and even different metallic textures. It’s an eclectic grouping.
There are 1,131 business cards at A free version is available with a permanent URL of the site, whereas the version with the URL you can delete costs $3. Both come as DOC files that can be filled in with a compatible word processor such as Microsoft Word. You can also make a custom card with a QR code and the information of your choice.

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