New Printable Masks

by Kay on April 2, 2013

While kids are always thinking about what they want to be when they grow up, they also seem to change their minds fairly often. With the 31 printable masks I’ve added to, they can try on as many careers as they want. (And the masks are fun for grown-ups as well, from Halloween to costume parties to pranks.)
The new masks depict men and women in a number of different professions. Wearers can pretend to be a police officer, race car driver, pirate, ninja, queen, or military officer.
While most of the newest choices are of people masks, there’s also a toucan and a robot.
Racecar_Driver_Female_Mask includes instructions on how to make a mask by attaching string, or, instead, a stick to use it puppet-style. There are lots of masks that can be colored in before wearing.

There are 188 masks at, all of them available to download and print for free as a PDF file. If you want the mask collection so that you have all the templates on-hand for birthday parties and Halloween, it only costs $15.

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