Graduation Printables Roundup

by Kay on June 5, 2013

Chances are you know someone who’s graduating from something this month. Whether it’s high school, college, grad school, or a karate class, it’s nice to give them a little something to show your support, pride, and encouragement. That’s why I have everything from certificates to greeting cards to thank you letters at my websites.

There are more than 20 diplomas for preschool, kindergarten, physical therapy, homeschool, high school graduations, and more at If you want to celebrate your child’s graduation from any grade, you can choose from the promotion certificates for every year between 1st and 12th grade. The styles range from formal and elegant to childish and cute. They are available to download and print for free as a PDF. Users who would like to type directly into the template can opt for a $5 DOC file that can be customized in a word processor.
If you’ve purchased a gift for your recent grad, a nice addition is a graduation gift tag from These printable gift tags feature cartoon pictures of cute, happy graduates wearing cap and gown or holding diplomas. There’s also a tag featuring a cross and cap for religious gifts and even a robot with a diploma and mortarboard. They are all available for free as both a PDF and an editable DOC file, where you can type names in rather than writing them.

Cute and fun graduation greeting cards for students can be found at These congratulatory cards that urge students toward new adventures and success feature the traditional cap and gown as well as an excited new grad and even a happy panda. They can be printed for free as a PDF or customized as a $4 DOC.

Finally, graduates can respond to their family and friends’ generosity with the sample thank you letters found at Students can get tips and launch points for their own thank you notes with the templates for gifts, money and heirlooms. Each one is free to download and edit in a word processor.

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