Free Printable Business Plans and Templates

by Kay on June 7, 2013

If there are two things that every new business needs, they are industry business plans and a clear idea of employee job descriptions. Fortunately, I have plenty of each, no matter what industry you’re trying to get into.

I’ve added 15 new startup plans at for specific jobs such as Landscaping, Model Agencies, Beauty Salons, Gift Shops and Energy Companies. Each one maps out the important first steps in creating a company, including funding, objectives, analyses and mission statements. They are free to download and edit in a word processor.

Once you have your basic plan for creating your new business, you’ll need to find employees to help you run it. That’s where the 30 new job description templates come in. Great for posting in papers and on popular sites, each one lists the responsibilities and qualifications required of a potential employee. All of them are tailored to their various fields, including Dental Hygienists, Caterers, Computer Programmers, Paralegals, Landscapers and Sales Representatives. Job descriptions are free to download and print as a PDF, or to customize as a DOC file.

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