Ready to shop till you drop with the help of free printables? I’ve added new grocery lists, menu planners, and other shopping printables to

With the addition of more than two dozen shopping-related printables, there are now nearly 250 items at the site.

Going beyond groceries, the newest specialty shopping lists and packing lists are designed for weddings, parties, and other events. I’ve also added food lists and shopping guides based on special diets, food sensitivities, and food restrictions.

Other new printables at include weekly and bi-weekly shopping lists and a bi-weekly meal prep list. Plus, there’s a set of full-color, calendar-style menu planners for each month of the year. I suggest laminating these after printing so they’re more durable and you can use a dry-erase marker on them.

The site also has substitutions lists for swapping out ingredients, along with pantry lists, mini lists, coupon planners, cost trackers and, expiration labels. Of course, there’s the all-time favorite printable at the site, the Master Grocery List with dozens of items prefilled, checklist-style.

Everything at the site is free to download and print as a PDF or DOC file. The DOC versions can be opened in Microsoft Word so you can type in your shopping list and menu before printing.


New Printable Puzzles Site

by kevin on May 16, 2018

Looking for fun, challenging printable puzzles? Head over to the newest site in the family,, which has Nonograms and Sudoku puzzles to download and print for free.

Not familiar with nonograms and Sudoku? Get ready to bend your mind. These puzzles cover a range of skill levels from easy Sudoku to large nonogram puzzles.”

Each of the 417 puzzles at is free to download and print one at a time, you you can buy entire downloadable puzzle books that includes these puzzles and more. The digital books are $9.99 apiece, and you can purchase one difficulty or a collection with a variety of skill levels. Each Sudoku or Nonogram puzzle book contains hundreds of puzzles to download to your computer so you can print them all, or just a few at a time.

To solve Sudoku puzzles, add numbers to fill a grid in such a way that each 3-by-3 block or “region” of the multi-celled puzzle contains the digits 1 through 9. How many numbers are prefilled at the start determines the skill level.

Nonograms are logic puzzles. The rules are slightly more complicated than Sudoku, but has a handy, free nonogram guide. Use basic math skills to gray out specific squares on a grid until the puzzle is solved and a pattern is revealed., launched this week, joins dozens of other fun and useful sites, including with its printable paper, with classroom printables and with word search puzzles and a free puzzle maker.

Remember, you can download and print any puzzle for free, but the $9.99 downloadable digital puzzle books are so convenient, with more than 500 puzzles in each collection.


17 Million Faxes Have Been Sent Via FaxZero

May 2, 2018

I hope you already know about my site,, where you can send free faxes via the internet. It recently surpassed 17 million faxes sent! I’m excited at the growth of this service since I started it back in 2006. It was less than a year ago that we hit 15 million faxes sent. ” […]

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Free Printable Flags

April 27, 2018

New printable flags are ready to fly at my website I’ve just added new printable flags, including a full set for the United States. The state flags are available in full-color or outline style, labeled with the state name or without and, like all 300-plus flags at the site, the new flags are free […]

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Free Printable Gift Tags

April 23, 2018

I’ve added new, free printable gift tags to, and they’re perfect for birthdays, holidays, and everyday gifts. The new gift tags range from square gift tags to ‘color your own’ tags for kids.” Most of the tags are are rectangular, but the newest style is angled at one edge with a circle indicating […]

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Free Printable Signs, Placards and Flyers

April 17, 2018

Thirty new printable signs have been added to the website, bringing the total number of printables at the site to 4,134.” “I launched 10 years ago, and have continued to add to it,” said Kevin Savetz, the site’s creator. “As always, there’s a free PDF version of each and every sign, or users […]

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Printable Wedding Planner

April 12, 2018

If you’re planning a wedding or helping someone plan one, the new the printable wedding planner pages at can help things run more smoothly. These pages are ideal for brides and grooms as well as professional wedding planners. Print just the pages you need (free as PDFs or $5 for an editable DOC) or […]

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Free Printable Worksheets for the Classroom

April 10, 2018

I’ve added 50 new classroom printables to my site and there are now 1,313 worksheets, quizzes, and other educational printables at the site. has worksheets from preschoolers through college students, and everything at the site is free to download and print. The new additions include math worksheets for percentages, decimals, and word problems. […]

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Free Printable World Maps

April 3, 2018

The new printable maps at range from country maps to continent maps. With the addition of these new maps, there are now 575 maps at the site, each free to download and print. The new additions include several maps of Australia, with versions indicating major cities, bodies of water, and states and territories. […]

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Printable Obituary Templates and Funeral Programs

March 30, 2018

I’ve expanded my website to offer just only sample obituaries but also funeral program templates. This site has dozens of prompts for wording obituaries, plus articles with tips how to write an obit. The goal of is to make it easier to memorialize someone’s life in a meaningful way while sharing details about […]

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