Print Letters from Santa

by kevin on December 4, 2017

Santa can use a little help! has added 24 new letters from Santa. These illustrated templates let parents, grandparents and so on assist the busy guy with replies to children this holiday season.

“Kids love writing letters to Santa. But half the fun is getting a reply,” said Kevin Savetz, the site’s creator. “These letters have holiday-themed borders and wording for all kinds of situations. Plus, they are digitally ‘signed’ by Santa.”

The letters are free to print as-is in PDF form. There’s also the option to purchase a $5 editable version that can be opened in Microsoft Word (or any DOC-compatible program) and typed into, so users can add names, family details, gift references and more.

The colorful borders feature presents, trees, ornaments, Santa and elves. Each letter has wording for situations ranging from Baby’s First Christmas to special concerns a child might have. There are even letters to the family pet. And not all of the letters are from Santa. The elves, Mrs. Claus and reindeer have “written” letters as well.

There’s a letter covering why a present has to be delivered early, the reasons Santa can’t bring a puppy or a new baby, promises to replace a broken or defective toy, and how parents can be Santa’s helpers. There’s a new Santa concern letter about St. Nicholas, a letter explaining how Santa travels the world in one night and a humorous letter about whether or not Santa is breaking and entering in the family home.

“The funny Santa letters at are especially popular,” Savetz said. “Adults and older children will enjoy hearing about their ‘naughty’ behavior and the lump of coal that is due to them.”

There are new Magic Elf letters, a “naughty notice” that cites bad behavior, a letter about why the elf didn’t move overnight and other missives from Andy the Elf. Some of these are written in rhyming verse.

The site also has templates for children to fill out when writing to Santa, gender-specific letters and Christmas-themed games and activities.


Hanukkah Printables

by kevin on November 30, 2017

Happy Hanukkah! In 2017, the holiday begins on Dec. 12 in 2017. My websites have dozens of Hanukkah printables, from gift tags and page borders to certificates and banners.

At, there’s a broad selection of full-color Hanukkah gift tags illustrated with presents, dreidels, Stars of David, and menorahs. Stick one on a present (with tape or print on sticker paper). Or, add a tag to a gift of food.

You’ll find a Hanukkah grocery list and other shopping lists and menu planners at A Hanukkah recipe card with dreidels can be found at

There are more than a dozen Hanukkah coloring pages at Kids can color a traditional menorah lighting, a celebratory meal, or illustrations of children. has Jewish calendars that cover the year 2017 and Hebrew year 5777. There are versions with Hebrew dates and Gregorian equivalents, Jewish holidays noted, and other configurations. They’re all free, and would make a nice gift. Try printing onto cardstock, laminating a calendar, or rolling up a year’s worth of pages and tying them up with a ribbon. has a blue Hanukkah banner that says “Happy Hanukkah,” Hanukkah signs can be found at, and has a colorful Hanukkah border.

For all your Hanukkah faxing needs, head to for Hanukkah fax cover sheets.

There are Hanukkah certificates at, including versions with “Chanukah” spelling.

There’s a free version of every printable. In some cases, such as recipe cards and certificates, a PDF version is free while a customizable DOC (Microsoft Word) version costs a few dollars.


Free Business Plan Templates

November 24, 2017

If you’re starting a new business or expanding an existing one, you’ll want to check out the business plan templates at I’ve just added two dozen new documents that support the creation of such a plan. The site has a large selection of sample business plans as well as forms and charts. There are […]

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Free Printable Flyers

November 21, 2017

I’ve added more than two dozen new printable flyers to The new additions range from party and event flyers to advertising and lost and found flyers. The flyers are all free to download and print in PDF or editable DOC format. Many are illustrated. Some are formatted with tear-off information strips at the bottom. […]

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Thanksgiving Printables Roundup

November 16, 2017

Get your pie forks and practice your “gobble gobble.” Thanksgiving is almost here. My sites are ready with hundreds of Thanksgiving printables, from gift tags to recipe cards to coloring pages, are available to instantly download at print at various sites in the family. These printables feature turkeys, acorns, pumpkins, fall leaves, pilgrims, cornucopias, […]

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Free Printable 2019 Calendars

November 15, 2017

I am totally on the ball! The 2019 calendars website,, is already live and ready for you to download free printables for your home, office, school, or any other place in need of a calendar. The site has launched with the most-popular calendar designs. So, you can download the whole year in one 12-page […]

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New Website Provides Letters of Intent

November 2, 2017

The newest website from is This handy site provides sample text and ideas for anyone pursuing business agreements, higher education, adoption, and other ends. I’ve launched the site with 36 letters of intent for real estate ventures, grants, jobs, and more. This type of letter is ideal when you want to pursue your […]

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Printable Banners And Custom Banner Maker

October 23, 2017

Banner day! Literally. I recently added a batch of nearly 30 new printable banners to my site You can instantly download any of the 300 banners for free. Or, use the site’s free custom banner maker. Type your own message and choose text colors and fonts before printing out the letter sets. Then, tape […]

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Free Cover Letter Templates

October 11, 2017

There are dozens of new cover letter templates up at They’re all free to customize and print for personal use. Many of the 243 sample letters at are intended to go along with a resume. But there are also letters for business, legal, and personal matters. The resume cover letters selection now include […]

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Printable Planners, Refill Pages and Journals

October 2, 2017

I’ve added new planner pages and journals to The latest printable planners also include a baby book and “dot paper.” Like everything at the site, they’re free to download and print one at a time in PDF format. I started this site back in 2008 with simple sets of refill pages for ringed planners […]

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