Back to School Printables

by kevin on August 15, 2019

Thousands of classroom printables can be downloaded and printed for free at,, and other sites in my family of sites. I know that teachers are on especially tight budgets, so I’m glad to be able to offer a free option for each and every printable.

Students, teachers, and parents will find forms, worksheets, papers, templates, and other items for the school year. There are handy printables for homeschooling as well.

I launched in 2008 and it’s grown to more than 1,400 classroom printables that range from homework forms and grading tools to seating charts and lesson plan templates. The site also has graphic organizers, classroom management printables, parent communication forms, hall passes, seating charts, blank tests, sign language charts, first day of school signs, stencils, library forms, substitute teacher forms, and more.

Save time and money with each item free to download and print individually in PDF or editable DOC (Microsoft Word) form. Or, purchase a classroom or whole-school license (for $27 or $67, respectively) and conveniently download the entire teachers printables collection for use in your school over and over again. offers 1,348 worksheets for preschool all the way up through college. These worksheets are in PDF or DOC format and free to download one at a time. Or, you can opt to download all of the worksheets at the site for $99. There’s also a $4-per-month membership option that provides access to a tool to generate custom math tests and worksheets. has single sheets of lined paper, graph paper, dot paper, music paper, penmanship paper, 3D paper, storyboard paper, blank calendars, and other specialty paper such as designs for people with low vision and paper in color. There are 1,827 printables, useful anytime or during last-minute study sessions. has a variety of rulers to print for free. At, you’ll find dozens of free continent, country, state, region, and topical maps as well as constellation maps. has hundreds of world flags, each free to download and print. There are printable certificates at, each free as a PDF or $5 for an editable DOC version. has free pretend money for math studies, board games, or “classroom currency.” has color-coordinated student planners along with individual planner pages. offers nearly 300 simple and detailed checklists and to do lists. is the place to go for 4,300-plus signs for schools, libraries and more.

Happy back to school time!


Sample Hardship Letter Templates

by kevin on July 30, 2019

When you need to find the right words to express a financial or other need, head to my website I’ve added even more hardship letter templates, each free for personal use.

This site offers 263 letter templates that provide a starting point for crafting the best letter for your situation. It’s especially helpful to have this jump start when you’re already stressed out due to unexpected circumstances.

The topics covered in the letter include mortgage and medical issues as well as court and academic situations.

The new sample letters deal with matters such as: readmission to a college, bank loans, retracting a donation, proposing installment payments, and late rent and other payments. A few letters cover hardships due to natural disasters.

The mortgage-related issues address “payment shock” due to an adjustable rate and a loan modification request.

The medical letters include a request to be taken on as a new patient. also has new letters of appeal for: a tourist visa, death benefits, a scholarship, and college admission.

The site also has several articles with tips on how to write a hardship letter.

Each letter downloads instantly in DOC format and can be edited using Microsoft Word or another compatible program. complements the apology letters at, resignation letters at, cover letters at, complaint letters at, recommendation letters at, and letters of intent at


Free Printable Signs

July 22, 2019

My 10-year-old website has grown to include more than 4,300 printable signs. I love that I’m still able to offer a free version of each sign. There’s everything from traffic and safety signs to school and office signs. I’ve just added 50 new signs. You’ll find new caution signs in bright yellow that warn […]

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Resignation Letter Templates

July 18, 2019

Are you ready to move on from a job, volunteer position, or other role? My site has nearly 250 resignation letters to help you find the right wording to say you’re leaving. I recently added 20 more sample resignations to the site and they range from casual to formal and some are long while […]

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Free Printable Flyers

July 15, 2019

For all kinds of events, I’ve added dozens of new printable flyers to my site Counting these new flyer templates, there are more than 400 flyers, handbills, and leaflets at Each one is free to download and print in PDF or editable DOC (Microsoft Word) format. The new party and event flyers include […]

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Printable Wedding Planner

July 11, 2019

For summer weddings or anytime, the website now has even more printable wedding planner pages to instantly download and print. With the latest additions, there are now 126 printables at, ideal for keeping track of wedding, reception, and honeymoon plans. The new wedding printables include set lists for dancing, performance and background music […]

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Printable Contracts and Agreements

July 8, 2019

I’ve added even more contracts and agreements to, and the site now has more than 500 samples to download, customize, and print for free. Among the dozens of new contracts are event and professional services contracts, warranties, real estate agreements, and lots more. The new contracts and agreements include: a security agreement, a costume […]

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Free Printable Business Forms, Templates, Charts and Letters

July 5, 2019

With my latest additions, now has more than 1,500 business forms, letters, reports, forms, log sheets and other printables. They’re each free to download and print! The new forms range from simple to complex and there are variations for both home and office. There’s a new category at containing restaurant forms. These are […]

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Fourth of July Printables

June 21, 2019

No matter how you’re planning on celebrating the USA this July 4, the sites have hundreds of Independence Day printables to instantly download and print. There’s a free option for each and every printable. The sites have everything from patriotic-themed award certificates to coloring pages to stationery sheets to event flyers. The free July […]

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New Printable Paper Designs

June 17, 2019

My website now has 1,821 printable paper designs, with a free version of each and every one. The printables at ranges from simple lined and graph papers to budgets, score sheets, and crafting papers. I started this site in 2008 with basic papers and calendars to include dot paper, music paper, logarithmic paper, […]

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