You’ll find hundreds of planners, lists and journal pages at Counting the newest additions, there are now 1,062 printable planners at the site. has expanded in the last 12 years from simple sets of refill pages from commercial ringed planners to pages for everyone from crafters to professionals. There are daily, weekly and monthly calendar pages, along with themed planners, note-taking pages, and journals.

The newest category is planner stickers. You can print these stickers out on adhesive sticker paper and cut them out with scissors, a metal punch, or a paper trimmer. Then, stick them in a planner to indicate appointments and events such as: birthday, coffee date, lunch break, dinner out, day off, dental appointment, medical appointment, physical therapy, project due, job interview, pay day, music lesson, show time, study session, travel day, and no school. There’s a sheet of sports-related stickers and a sheet with the months of the year. Some sheets have round number, character, and icon stickers that can be punched out using a standard hole punch.
The new planner pages also include a Write It planner for anyone writing fiction or nonfiction. The planner for authors includes pages for: chapter outlines, character development, research, storyboarding, editing, goal-setting, and word-count tracking.

I’ve also added: infant and child daily schedules, a sports planner page, a time-blocking schedule, and planners that start on Mondays. There are also new weekly planners in color and black-and-white variations.

The 12 collection sizes at are: executive, desktop, A5, large cahier, travel, personal, pocket, hipster, A6, small cahier, small, and mini. Plus, find bullet journal designs for sketches and note-taking.

Complementing the, student planners, baby planner and travel journal at are coordinated planner pages in floral or watercolor themes. There’s a decorative cover page for each design, along with weekly and monthly planners plus various trackers and logs.

Each planner page at is free to print individually in PDF form. In many cases, a DOC version that can be typed into using Microsoft Word before printing is available for $4 each. Or, buy an entire collection of planner inserts in one size in one convenient download for $9.

Even more organizational printables, including to do lists, paper and grocery lists, head to,, and

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Are you the Tooth Fairy? Or know such an etherial creature? The letters from the Tooth Fairy at website are a magically handy resource, and there’s a free version of everything.

There are several new letter templates along with fairy poems, coloring pages, and forms at

The new Tooth Fairy letter topics include: a reminder to not force a tooth out, a first molar, tooth-brushing advice, and a fairy who is late on tooth pickup and delivery.
The site also has letters for extraordinary situations as well as new checklists for noting why a tooth was rejected and other issues. Some letters answer questions about the Tooth Fairy, such as how the fairy knows when a tooth has been lost and the best place to leave a tooth. I’ve also added more letters for older kids, such as a skeptical kid and a scamp who tried to pass off a fake tooth.

My favorites are the new miniature letters. Each printable comes with a fairy-sized envelope to cut out and fold. Then, just slip it under the pillow. (Oops; I mean the Tooth Fairy slips it under a pillow.” also has stationery, IOUs, fill-in-the-blanks letters for children to send, and a lost tooth record for parents.

There are 115 printables at the site altogether. Each item is free to download and print in PDF form. The letters and forms are also available in a premium editable DOC version for $5 each. Choose the DOC if you’d like to type into the letter, adding names and other personalization, before printing.

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Cover Letter Templates

March 4, 2020

My website now has more than 300 cover letter templates. I recently added even more free letters to download, customize, and print. There are sample letters for job-hunting, sales, academics, housing, grants, immigration, and other situations. These cover letter templates are a great starting point when you’re having trouble finding the right words. […]

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Rejection Letter Templates

February 25, 2020

Need to reject someone or something? is a great resource for anyone needing to send a rejection letter, and I’ve just added even more sample letters. These templates help you find the right words to turn someone down, whether in a personal or professional setting. now has 84 rejection letter templates in all. […]

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Printable To Do Lists

February 20, 2020

Whether you need checklists, holiday lists, or goal-setting lists, just head to I’ve added even more to do lists to the website, each free to download and print. There are 324 lists altogether. The 26 new checklists include a wedding registry and a registry, guest list and to-do list for a baby shower. I’ve […]

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Free Printable Banners and Banner Maker

February 16, 2020

I’ve added even more fun, free, flexible banners to the website Plus, the site’s custom banner maker is still free to use. has more than 350 banners, from birthday banners to business banners and everything in between. The banners print with one letter on each sheet of paper. Just print and assemble. Use […]

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Free Valentine’s Day Printables

February 3, 2020

It’s time for my annual roundup of the hundreds Valentine’s Day printables at the websites. From coloring pages to cards to gift tags, there’s a free version of everything. The sites have holiday printables for school, home, parties, and business settings, and the designs range from cute to romantic. There are Valentine’s Day borders […]

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January 28, 2020

Have you checked out my newest site, This daily printables site is a fun new addition to the family. I hope you’ll bookmark and check back daily to see vocabulary words, holidays, puzzles, planners, calendars, daily heroes, and more. I’m super proud of this new site. You can click to download free […]

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Printable Page Borders

January 18, 2020

I’ve added two dozen new printable page borders to and the site now has nearly 1,000 designs. The borders can be used for stationery, flyers, signs, frames, and other purposes. There are new dog borders with the breeds of: corgi, golden retriever, greyhound, Labrador, terrier, and poodle. New seasonal and holiday borders include colorful […]

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Free Printables for OpenOffice and LibreOffice

January 10, 2020

New printables are available for computer users who use the open-source word processing programs OpenOffice and LibreOffice. The websites and now have more than 300 printables apiece, each free to download and print. The Open Office and LibreOffice forms, charts, and other items download in .ODT and .ODS format, to by used by […]

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