Printable Checklists and More

November 4, 2021

Whether you need to organize a big project or want to check off a few tasks, be sure to check out the new printable to do lists at I’ve added more than two dozen new to do lists, so there are now 383 designs at As always, you can download any list for […]

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Free Printable Halloween Activities

October 26, 2021

Happy Halloween! You’ll find hundreds of cute and creepy Halloween printables at the websites. Download coloring pages, signs, flyers, games, decorations, and lots more. There’s a free version of absolutely everything. From certificates to gift tags, the printables are illustrated with vampires, ghosts, ghouls, werewolves, witches, pumpkins, and other iconic Halloween images. The award […]

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Printable Brackets for Tennis and Other Tournaments

October 5, 2021

I’ve expanded my tournament brackets site,, to include an array of tennis brackets. Players, coaches and fans can use the handy, easy-to-use brackets and other printables to track gameplay for various sports and activities. Everything at the site is free to download and print. I started the site in 2008 with just a few […]

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Business Cards to Print Instantly

September 28, 2021

You can print business cards instantly anytime at, saving yourself money, time, and a trip to print shop. This site was launched by me in 2005, and it’s grown to include 1,781 business cards. With each design, there’s the option of a free version with the site URL at the bottom, or a $3 […]

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Coloring in Reverse!

September 20, 2021

Have you seen the newest website? Grab your pen, because adds a creative twist to coloring pages. With reverse coloring pages there’s no need to color inside the lines. In fact, the colors form the background. Just use a dark pen to add lines, dots and other marks to accent the designs. The […]

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Make Free Banners

September 16, 2021, a popular website now has 430 free printable banners. The new banners are supplemented by the custom banner maker, which lets site visitors instantly generate their own banners for free. The pre-designed banners print one per sheet of paper or cardstock with big, bold lettering that’s easy to read. You can tape the sheets […]

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Printable Time Cards

September 10, 2021

Business owners, freelancers, or anyone else looking to track time worked can choose from nearly 300 time card at There’s a free version of each card to instantly download and print. The 14 new time card designs make it possible to track work hours while taking into account overtime or deductions. I’ve also added […]

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Print Page Borders

August 12, 2021

I’ve added dozens of new page borders to, and that site now has nearly 1,000 of them! Use the borders for writing letters, making flyers, framing photos, or whatever you’d like. The new additions include classic black-and-white as well as fun, colorful themed borders. There’s a free version of each design, or you can […]

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Free Printable Award Certificates

July 23, 2021

Wow! Counting the recent additions, there are now nearly 2,000 award certificates at my website This is one of the most popular sites in the family, and its printables range from fun prizes to fancy commemorative certificates. Just like everything at the site, the new certificates are available in free PDF versions to […]

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Printable Patents

July 21, 2021

One of my newest websites,, now has 256 authentic patent designs. They’re great decorating and to give as gifts. I just added even more patents! Each printable patent downloads instantly. There’s a free version of each design. Or, you can purchase a high-resolution, poster-size file to print at home or send to a commercial […]

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