New Sign Language Printables Site

by Kay on February 18, 2014

I’m truly excited to introduce a brand new site to the family! has 145 sign language printables that help students learn the letters and numbers in American Sign Language (ASL).
If you’re a teacher who wants to keep these signs up on the wall as a reference or a visual aid, I recommend using the full-color fingerspelling signs. There are also line-art versions of the alphabet and the letters 1-9 that can be colored in, if you want to make sign language learning into an art activity as well.

Like all languages, ASL must be memorized and then practiced. A great way to really learn the fingerspelling is with the unlabeled sign language signs. These can be used as flash cards or class assignments to figure out how well a student knows the information.
Letter_and_Number_Chart-Outline-With_Label signs are free to download and print as a PDF. The whole ASL collection is available for only $9.

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