New Page Borders

by Kay on February 21, 2014

I hope you “love” the 20 new page borders at, many of which are romance-themed. If you need a picture frame for a photo of you and your loved one, or stationery for romantic correspondence, this batch of printables is for you.
All of the new Valentine’s Day page borders are appropriate to use year-round. They’re great for writing a love note since they’re decorated with hearts, Cupids, cupcakes and stuffed animals. They add a sweet, pink-tinged touch to any missive you have to send to family, friends or a spouse.

I’ve also got a few new casual page borders that can be used for more general purposes. There’s a border made up of party hats that’s great for birthdays, as well as borders of hearts, mosaics, and pastels. has 325 page borders that can be printed for free as PDF, DOC, PNG and JPGs. Common themes include school, holidays, recreation and nature, but there are a lot of designs that are perfect for individual tastes.

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