Printable Grocery Lists

by Kay on February 24, 2014

If you’ve ever wondered what you should or shouldn’t eat for certain diets, holidays or events, check out the new grocery lists at There are also menu planners and shopping lists for items other than food.

My speciality grocery lists cover a lot of ground. This time around, I’ve got suggestion lists that can guide people who are pregnant, nursing, or competing in running events. There are also specific lists that can help you shop for Easter, Passover, Black Friday, and the start of school. For the thrifty user, there are a few for shopping on a budget or with the addition of coupons.
A lot of my kid-friendly grocery lists this time are menu planners that children can fill in themselves. A lot of them have colorful pictures of fruits, veggies, pizza and more, but some have line art so that kids can use the planner as a coloring page too.

There are more than 130 grocery lists that are blank or pre-filled, single or multi-columned, illustrated or simple. All of the lists at are available as a PDF or DOC file and are free to download, customize in Microsoft Word, and print.

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