Free Apology Letter Templates

by kevin on July 17, 2017

No matter how sincere your regret, apologizing is rarely easy. My site offers nearly 300 apology letter templates that can help businesses and individuals find the right words.

I recently added 24 new sample letters to the site, and they range from simple and straightforward to very serious. There are letters with suggested wording for workplace apologies and public apologies for political misdeeds, but most address more common apology letter needs such as regret for inconveniencing a customer or sadness at hurting someone’s feelings.

Other sample letters address personal misbehavior, faux pas, or causing pain. The site has apologies for: snooping, bringing up a taboo subject, laziness, ignoring someone and not taking someone at their word. Some templates include ideas on how to make things right, such offering to avoid someone or promising to seek therapy. The child and teen apologies category has a new letter specifically addressing social media use. sister sites offer hardship letter templates at, cover letters at and character reference letters at

The letters are free for personal use. Just cut and paste the wording from the site or download a DOC file you can type into. These are best used as a starting point; use these letters as a jumping off point to find the words that fit your situation

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