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by kevin on July 18, 2017

My site is growing to fast that I have two new batches of additions to tell you about. The newest map designs bring the total of printable maps at the site to more than 250.

There are educational maps, research maps, and even decorative maps at the site. And, because they are free to download and print, they’re not only useful and attractive, they’re also affordable. Parents, teachers, businesses, and kids alike can make use of these maps.

The site has all of the continent maps plus country maps and regional maps. I recently added new and improved maps of Greenland, Antarctica and Scotland.

The collection of constellation maps now includes Aquila, Andromeda, Bootes and more, each showing the configuration of stars as well as the constellation name. has expanded to include decorative maps. Just print them out (I recommend cardstock or archival paper) and frame any of the 50 state maps I recently added. They have a watercolor look with a cut-out heart in the vicinity of each state’s capital.

Also new is a set of U.S. state and territory maps on which the counties, boroughs and wards are shown with light gray lines. These are great for reference for business and political purposes, or when you just want to beef up on geography. You can also labeled or color them in with pens or pencils. has both blank and labeled maps along with versions with lines on which to fill in the names countries or states.

The topical maps at the site are in full color and include: time zones, state flags, bodies of water, the Roman empire, the Oregon trail, wildlife habitat, major U.S. cities, and several others.

The maps complement the useful and educational classroom printables at and the printable paper designs at

Download any of the maps at instantly in easy-to-open PDF format for free. Or, opt to purchase the entire map collection in one convenient download for just $9.

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