Printable Timesheets and Time Cards

by kevin on July 28, 2017

I’ve added dozens of new printables to my sites and The new timesheets and time cards are free as PDF files or a few dollars for customizable versions.

Please take a look at both sites and see which time-trackers are best for you or your small business. has complex timesheets set up to calculate overtime, breaks, commissions, bonuses, and so on. The designs at are a little simpler but still flexible. has new weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, and monthly time cards for different pay periods, plus cards with the ability to blend more than one pay rate. Some cards allow tracking of commissions and multiple projects. There are also now some mini time cards two, four or six cards per page. Another card is in very large print. has new monthly and weekly timesheets. The PDF version is free. For a version that allow for calculations, go for the $9 XLS (Excel) version. The time cards are free as PDFs or $7 per design for a Microsoft Word version.

Some of the timesheets are especially handy for freelancers and those with clients or tasks that bring in different pay rates. There are new timesheets that span two or more weeks, “blending rate” time cards for multiple tasks at different hourly pay, a project timesheet that allows for “value pricing,” and new overtime timesheets. I’ve also added a timesheet for lawyers that includes legal code abbreviations. also has new weekly, monthly, and yearly pay charts that display the federal minimum wage and other hourly pay rates and the corresponding monthly pay.

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