Character Reference Letter templates

by kevin on September 5, 2017

If you need to voice for someone, my website can help. I recently added new character reference letter templates, and they’re all free for personal use.

There are now 188 letters at for all kinds of business, personal, and legal situations. The broad topics range from house-hunting to court cases to adoption.

I think these sample letters are best used as a jumping-off point to write a letter that suits a specific situation, but of course you’re welcome to use them as-is. The templates can be downloaded in DOC (Microsoft Word) form so you can type over the example text. Or, simply cut and paste the wording directly from the site.

There are letters in which you can speak in favor of job-seekers, or recommend a service provider for child care, household work, and so on. Among the 22 new letters are references for a salesperson, for someone who was laid off, and for on-the-job training. also has templates relating to court matters such as probation, parole hearings, child custody cases, and substance abuse-related legal proceedings.

Other new letters speak to pet adoption, preschool admission and photography.

You’ll also find two dozen testimonials for promote a business. also offers free resume templates at and free cover letters at

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