New Website Provides Letters of Intent

by kevin on November 2, 2017

The newest website from is This handy site provides sample text and ideas for anyone pursuing business agreements, higher education, adoption, and other ends.

I’ve launched the site with 36 letters of intent for real estate ventures, grants, jobs, and more. This type of letter is ideal when you want to pursue your options or announce your intentions without getting locked into a legally binding contract. It’s an ideal first step in business and personal matters because letters of intent let establish some parameters.

It can be difficult to find the right words, so these letter templates provide a starting point, with suggested replaceable text noted in bold. Just download a sample letter (or cut and paste the text from and customize a letter to suit your situation.

There are letters of intent to hire an applicant, cancel services, donate to an organization, agree to a job, evict a tenant, or award a contract. is sister site to, which has 243 free cover letter templates for school, work, and awards, as well as, which has more than 400 printable contracts for legal matters, sales, events, and more.

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