Complaint Letter Templates

by kevin on March 22, 2018

Whether you have a minor gripe or a severe grievance, a complaint letter can help set things right, or a least let off steam in a productive manner. provide a head start on finding the right words, and I’ve just added 16 new letter templates to the site. has 188 templates, all free to download, customize, and print. You can edit a DOC file or simply cut and paste the text directly from the site.

The new complaint letters cover a range of personal and business troubles. You’ll find sample wording for neighbor disputes, rude roommates, and other situations.

New letters to businesses cover issues with ride services, rental cars, defective products, garbage service, inaccurate billing, late payments, and medical delays. I’ve also added letters complaining about identity theft and requesting a credit freeze.

On the flip side, the site also has letter templates that businesses and other entities can use to respond to complaints.

While of course you’re welcome to use the letters as-is, I recommend using the sample language as a “prompt” to create a letter that best suits your complaint. also has fill-in-the-blank complaint letters and articles with advice on how to write a complaint letter.

My other letters site also include apology letters at, resignation letters at, cover letters at, letters of recommendation at and letters of intent at

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