17 Million Faxes Have Been Sent Via FaxZero

by kevin on May 2, 2018

I hope you already know about my site, FaxZero.com, where you can send free faxes via the internet. It recently surpassed 17 million faxes sent!

I’m excited at the growth of this service since I started it back in 2006. It was less than a year ago that we hit 15 million faxes sent. ” I’ve been offering online fax resources since the mid-1990s, so it was a natural fit for me to build a fast, secure fax solution.

FaxZero is easy to use on your computer or smartphone. Just upload the document or image you want to send. You can send five free three-page faxes a day anywhere in the U.S. or Canada or pay $1.99 each for more or longer faxes (up to 25 pages with no daily limit).

There’s also an International fax service with rates based on the country faxed (more than 180 nations!).

Of the 2,097,181 faxes sent in 2017, many were to legislators in the U.S. House of Representatives or Senate thanks to FaxZero’s free fax Congress service. With just a few clicks, users can find their local reps and make the voice heard via fax.

Check out FaxZero and become part of the next million faxes sent.

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