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by kevin on May 16, 2018

Looking for fun, challenging printable puzzles? Head over to the newest site in the family,, which has Nonograms and Sudoku puzzles to download and print for free.

Not familiar with nonograms and Sudoku? Get ready to bend your mind. These puzzles cover a range of skill levels from easy Sudoku to large nonogram puzzles.”

Each of the 417 puzzles at is free to download and print one at a time, you you can buy entire downloadable puzzle books that includes these puzzles and more. The digital books are $9.99 apiece, and you can purchase one difficulty or a collection with a variety of skill levels. Each Sudoku or Nonogram puzzle book contains hundreds of puzzles to download to your computer so you can print them all, or just a few at a time.

To solve Sudoku puzzles, add numbers to fill a grid in such a way that each 3-by-3 block or “region” of the multi-celled puzzle contains the digits 1 through 9. How many numbers are prefilled at the start determines the skill level.

Nonograms are logic puzzles. The rules are slightly more complicated than Sudoku, but has a handy, free nonogram guide. Use basic math skills to gray out specific squares on a grid until the puzzle is solved and a pattern is revealed., launched this week, joins dozens of other fun and useful sites, including with its printable paper, with classroom printables and with word search puzzles and a free puzzle maker.

Remember, you can download and print any puzzle for free, but the $9.99 downloadable digital puzzle books are so convenient, with more than 500 puzzles in each collection.

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