Print Free Grocery Lists and Menu Planners

by kevin on May 22, 2018

Ready to shop till you drop with the help of free printables? I’ve added new grocery lists, menu planners, and other shopping printables to

With the addition of more than two dozen shopping-related printables, there are now nearly 250 items at the site.

Going beyond groceries, the newest specialty shopping lists and packing lists are designed for weddings, parties, and other events. I’ve also added food lists and shopping guides based on special diets, food sensitivities, and food restrictions.

Other new printables at include weekly and bi-weekly shopping lists and a bi-weekly meal prep list. Plus, there’s a set of full-color, calendar-style menu planners for each month of the year. I suggest laminating these after printing so they’re more durable and you can use a dry-erase marker on them.

The site also has substitutions lists for swapping out ingredients, along with pantry lists, mini lists, coupon planners, cost trackers and, expiration labels. Of course, there’s the all-time favorite printable at the site, the Master Grocery List with dozens of items prefilled, checklist-style.

Everything at the site is free to download and print as a PDF or DOC file. The DOC versions can be opened in Microsoft Word so you can type in your shopping list and menu before printing.

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