Free Letterhead Templates

by kevin on May 5, 2019

Whether you’re writing a letter to family or just contacting a business associate, you’ll find the letterhead templates you need at

Counting the 25 just-added letterhead designs, there are now 450 templates at the site, all free to download and print.

Each template is illustrated and the designs range from formal to cute stationery for kids.

The new templates include illustrated designs such as: blue smoke, watercolor, a colorful smudge, crackle, and polka dots. There’s also new nature and floral letterhead with fall leaves, greenery, and a watercolor bouquet.
New personal letterhead includes designs with the words “Love” and “Hello” in decorative lettering. Another sheet has a border and an ampersand inside a red heart.

The new wedding stationery features: an ampersand, flower blooms, confetti, and laurels. also has monogram letterhead, state letterhead, sports letterhead, holiday letterhead, baby letterhead. and more.

Everything at the site is free to download and print in DOC (Microsoft Word) format.

For even more printable stationery head to”

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