Letter of Intent Templates

by kevin on May 8, 2019

My site LettersOfIntent.co, which I started just a couple of years ago, now has even more letters of intent. I recently added a new batch of letters for real estate, grants, employment, education, and other pursuits.

These sample letters are best seen as a starting point for crafting a letter that suits your exact situation. Just find a template that’s close and download it. Then, you can type into the letter using Microsoft Word or another compatible program.

Letters of intent are typically used when a person or entity is pursuing options or announcing intentions. They’re ideal for getting on the same page with partners in business ventures.

The newest additions to LettersOfIntent.co relate to: a supervisor position, a promotion and other job-related situations. Other letters cover: a college application, a scholarship, sports, a purchase, a joint venture, a merger, and a bid.

The site also has letters of intent about hiring, starting and canceling services, adoption and donations.

The letters of intent are free to download for your personal use.

My FreePrintable.net sites have many other sample letters including: cover letter templates at CoverLetterExamples.net, reference letters at CharacterReferenceLetters.com, hardship letters at LetterOfHardship.net and apology letters at ApologyLetters.net.

PrintableContracts.com has hundreds of printable contracts and BusinessFormTemplate.com has hundreds of business forms.

Remember, these letter templates are not a substitute for legal advice.

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