Sample Rejection Letters

by kevin on May 15, 2019

I’ve added two dozen new rejection letter templates to for all kinds of personal and professional situations and there are now 60 letters in all.

I launched this site last year, with a goal of helping people find the right words to turn down a personal request or business proposal. complements my sites with complaint letters, hardship letters, letters of intent and recommendation letters.”

The new rejection letters include financial rejection letters such as a donation rejection letter and letters rejecting a reject for a pay raise. The new job rejection letter templates cover: a hiring freeze, a promotional denial, rejection of a top candidate, rejections after an interview, and home rental rejections.

Other letters at have sample wording for personal rejections such as: rejecting awards, rejecting a volunteer, turning down a social media follower request. and rejecting a free item. There are also a few rejection letter responses.

Just choose a letter that’s close to your case, download it, and type into the template using Microsoft Word or another compatible program. The letters are free for your personal use and are not a substitute for legal advice.

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