Sites Reach 55,000 Printables

by kevin on May 15, 2021

Time for a trip down memory lane! My first website, the one that started the family of fun and useful sites, was launched in 2005. There was just a small selection of business cards and coloring pages to instantly download and print. Now, 16 years later, I’ve reached a new milestone as the number of printables reached 55,000. One thing hasn’t changed, however: As always, there’s a free version of each printable.

It was just a year and a half ago that the sites hit 50,000 printables. There are about 100 sites in total.

You can now find business forms, medical forms, calendars, classroom printables, and lots more for home, school, and business use. has more nearly 2,000 printable certificates, has 1,900 papers, and offers nearly 1,000 free stationery designs. I have sites with letter templates, sites with graphics, and other helpful things.

There’s a free option for every printable, and in some cases a PDF version is free while an editable version is free or just a few dollars.

Woot! Fifty-five thousand!

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